About Me

I am a Professor of French in the Department of Modern Languages at Whittier College and have been at the college since 1999.  I am currently Director of the Office of International Programs overseeing semester abroad and faculty-led programs at the College.  In addition, I am serving a three-year term as a WASC Senior College and University commissioner.

I enjoy teaching a number of classes at all levels in French language, literature and culture, as well as interdisciplinary courses in Global Studies or our first-year seminars.  I have always had a penchant for trying new technologies and DIY/open source approaches, and in this spirit I constantly try to bring new ideas to the classroom to encourage learning.  One of my current projects is an analysis of the use online learning objects in by diverse learners, studying how different learners make use of these tools.  As a complement to teaching, my research over the last decade has become focused on literature and the environment and the transformative role played by narrative in shaping cultural attitudes towards the planet.

Many of the same values that I focus on as a teacher and a researcher (experimentation, community, fairness and sustainability) are things that I strive to bring to my work outside of the classroom, whether as a committee chair, my time as chair of the faculty, or as a concerned citizen with an interest in native plants, solar energy and electric vehicles.